Organise a forum to create equal and balanced opportunity for everyone.


To be most preferred partner in fulfilling ones ambition and target by getting the best out of you.

We at WYD, partner with you to ensure you have what you want call it right talent or right employer. WYD acts like a mirror to reflect upon your choice of professionalism and encourage you to be financially independent, freedom to voice your opinion and yet be in the market where there is WAR for TALENT for mutual understanding and growth.

Additionally, WYD assist you to get the actual self of you to be innovative, expert, ideate and execute to confidentally work through your careerpath and be successful in what you desire to be.

Collaboration will make it happen!!!!



Shreedevi Roogi
Veeresh Patil
Mamtha Joshi
Technical Advisor
Rathis Priya Marin
HR Manager
Jyothi Patil
Technical Trainer
Poornima Attigeri
Technical Trainer
Abhishek N
Web Developer